Concert Appreciation

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Nikko Baez
Section 500
Dr. Bustos
10 October 2016

Concert Report 1 On October 19th at around 7 pm, I waited outside a relatively small, worn down building known as Walter’s Downtown, which is located in Down Town Houston. As I walked through the entrance, I was astonished how the front of the building seemed like a regular old music shop with records and guitars on the wall, and a glass showcase. While the back of the building was appropriately bigger in size and contained black and white murals on the wall, red couches, a bar, and a stage for musicians to perform. When I saw the musicians, they were dressed in a business casual apparel, with plaid button ups and blue jeans. The musical compositions that struck me the most include: “To be Dead and in Love” by Vinnie Caruana and “You Don’t Love Me Anymore” by Aaron …show more content…

Throughout his song, I emotionally felt depressed because his song was about being in love with someone who does not feel the same. This composition captured my attention because I just could imagine the pain someone must feel when they invest so much time and effort into someone who just does not love them back. This song produced a somber mood throughout the audience, however this was quickly changed to a more pleasant one after he yelled, “We came out here to have fun tonight! So don’t let any of these sad songs bring you down!” The rest of Gillespie’s performance was a lively and upbeat, because the rest of his songs that he played from his album, “Out of The Badlands” were ecstatic, joyful songs. Overall, I believe his performance could not have been any better, because the singer went all out when conducting his music. I also do believe that since he didn’t really display a personal connection to his music, it was rather hard to develop a connection with

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