Concept Of Sustainable Development In South Africa

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Sustainable development is a very complex and versatile concept. It is basically what holds the development of the present without compromising those of the future. It is very important to understand the concept of sustainable development especially within the context of South Africa. South Africa as a developing country is or should be in the parameters of the laws of sustainable development. Sustainable development can thus be defined as the development which basically meets the needs of the present generation, without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs (Cronje, Rothmann & Cilliers, 2011:3).
Development in its self is basically comprised of three dimensions which are economic, environmental and social.
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So many people are presently living in poverty, there should be economic growth before the country’s economy can provide sufficient resources to overcome poverty. Population growth should also be less than the economic growth otherwise more people will form part of this poverty within the country it only makes sense that the economic growth be greater than population growth (Cronje, Rothmann & Cilliers, 2011:24). If one looks at china, the population growth is controlled ant the economic growth is doing well. In South Africa however, one sees more and more babies making babies and if this continues, the population growth will outnumber our economic growth and it can lead to serious complications. In South Africa more and more people are populating the planet and thus this will result in more people consuming more food and using more of the earth’s natural important then that as the country we focus more on improving the economy to cater for the other population or rather the generations coming after (Cronje, Rothmann & Cilliers,…show more content…
This in a nutshell means that we have to consume with the end in mind that resources are finite and our job as human beings is to preserve human future in the planet.
Principles of sustainable development.
The genuine results of sustainable development is met through the three spheres or rather principles that intact on equal basis the three spheres include social system, biophysical system and economical system. For them to be in harmony though there should be principles that has to be followed within each of the spheres.
1. Biophysical system: like any other aspects, it is very complex and very broad. Biophysical systems can be in line with biodiversity which helps us to complete some of the things which can help us complete out planet it simply means that we need each species to survive and keep the sustainability going (Cronje, Rothmann & Cilliers, 2011:18-19). Environmentally population growth again plays a major role, the more the number of people the pressure the farmers will have as this will affect the top soil on our natural resources and thus resulting the over use of fertilization. To achieve a sustainable biophysical system the following principles needs to be
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