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Scenario 1 Sarah’s Flower Designs is a fledgling, home-based business in Madison, Wisconsin, consisting of three employees. Sarah, the owner, handles all of the floral arrangements. Her assistant, Mark, handles the purchasing of flowers, related materials, and takes telephone and walk-in orders from customers. Mark also keeps the financial and client records in order. Kim is the delivery driver and makes local deliveries to homes and businesses. Sarah’s Flower Designs is looking to upgrade its computer system (an older model PC) to help keep up with the growing demand of their customers. They would like to house their client information and order histories on their new system, as well as bill their customers electronically. They also want Kim to have a way to keep track of customer addresses and specific delivery instructions while she is on the road. What IT recommendations would you make for Sarah’s Flower Designs? Sarah needs to replace her older PC with a desktop computer. The desktop computer has a primary memory as well as, secondary memory; Sarah would have the ability to run the programs that would best benefit her business needs. The desktop computer could be upgraded with more memory or even a new hard drive as her business and cliental grows. Sarah should also invest in a handheld computer so that Kim would be able to keep track of customer’s addresses and delivery instructions while she is on the road. This system could reduce possible delivery mistakes for the business. Of course, Sarah’s business would need to purchase additional software to enable them to do the things the business needs such as, Quicken, Microsoft office, and QuickBooks. This will enable the company to keep track of customers, bill customers electronically, and even keep track of sales and purchases. The desktop computer will be able to run each of this software with ease. Scenario 2 SBI Corporation is a financial consulting organization based out of Dallas, Texas with four satellite offices located throughout the southwestern United States. The company has 300 full-time employees, 20 of whom travel to various office locations 2 to 4 days a week. These 20 employees do not have access to email and other company programs when they are traveling. SBI Corporation wants to improve their company Web site to provide its clients with access to their portfolio information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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