Technology in the Classroom

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In the words of Bill Gates “any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other.” Technology is a tool that is making it easier for people acquire knowledge and it is becoming an essential part of learning. Students need to be taught using methods that attract their attention. Methods such as technology make it easier for students and make for a more engaging learning experience. Technology within the classroom gives students a better chance to succeed, cuts down costs for both students and teachers, and allows students to be more engaged in class. Technology is an integral part of modern society, and its use in classrooms needs to be promoted so the learning environment is enhanced.

The use of technology in classroom has a huge impact on a student’s development and it puts the student in the best position to succeed. With access to technology students are able to record lessons or lectures and this provides student with “tremendous flexibility that in-person lectures lack and, based on [a PhD student’s] experience, can significantly boost student efficiency and learning gains” (Levy). With technology, students are able to revisit these lectures or lessons and can study with more effectiveness. It shows them the concepts they have learned and it gives them a chance to re learn lessons they may have forgotten. This improves the student’s chances to succeed on the tests or final exams. Additionally, in the work force plenty of “employers require employees to accomplish many of their normal, daily duties by way of computers” (Niznik). If schools start to incorporate more technologies, such as laptop and computers in to the classroom, students will become familiarized with how ...

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...and will reduce the chances of a student falling behind in the class. It gives the student access to missed class work and assignments, ultimately given the students the responsibility of their own marks. In addition, there are currently “70 percent of teens (aged 13-17)… now own smartphones” (Nielson ) and if teachers can find a way to utilize these phones in class they will be more successful in attracting their students attention. With so many teens interested in technologies, schools need to understand that student will be more drawn to methods of teaching that incorporate these technologies. Experts have also proven there is a “strong, positive relationship between students’ interest in a talent area and their assessment of their skill in that area” (Siegle) thus proving if student are given technology with in a classroom the easier the class becomes for them.
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