Importance Of Axiology Based Teacher

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Effective school education anticipates effective teacher education. The aim of teacher education should be to shape the personalities of its pre service teachers into a professional mould and develop desirable values in them. If we want developed desirable professional values among new teachers, the knowledge of the present and the emerging values or relevance of axiology is necessary. Any change in the society indicates the work, nature and responsibilities of schools are also change. New technologies and other advancement have influenced school’s social economic climate. New teachers working different social and cultural environment in their schools may have different levels of values. The teacher must have an essential part of his professional equipment what is called a map of values. With the help of such a map, daily decisions may be taken and resolved consistently with short range or long range decision and destinations in educational setting. Hence the success in achieving this goal of sound education for the nation depends on the quality and calibre of teachers in the profession. It indicates the need of axiology based teacher education. This paper summarizes the need of axiology based teacher education for enhancing values of pre service teachers.
“Education means enabling the mind to find out that ultimate truth which emancipates us from the bondage of dust and gives us the wealth of not things but of inner light , not of power but of love, making this truth its even and giving expression to it.”
- Rabindra Nath Tagore
Education, no doubt, has been benefited by communication and information technologies in various levels. From both the sociological and economic points of view, communication and information...

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...losophy of life. They can be effectively transmitted by those who themselves practice these values. Teachers are such people who are if conscious of the plasticity of behaviour and can combine the imparting of knowledge with the inculcation of values. Therefore, the prospective teachers must be offered opportunities to associate with the best minds, to develop a disciplined intellect as well as quality of appreciation of culture in its various forms. Becoming a good teacher is a demanding and challenging undertaking. But in our country, in spite of recommendations of various commissions and committees, much attention has not been paid to teacher training institutions towards value-orientation of prospective teachers. In recent years, effort has been made to include ‘Value Education’ as a part of total Teacher Training programme but it is still a theoretical effort.
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