Comparison and Contrast of Two Colonialists Writers

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Rudyard Kipling who was born in the year 1865 December 30th in Bombay, India, was an architectural sculpture teacher and an artist. Kipling spent most of his early life in India and was later sent to England by his parents for education, This is where Kipling gained some rich experience of colonial life. Kipling made significant contributions to English Literature through his various works which included short story writing, writing novels, and contributions in poetry. While in England, he lived a miserable life due to victimization through beatings and mistreatment and later suffered from bouts of insomnia. His writings are greatly remembered due to his celebration of the imperialism in Britain, poems and tales of England both in verse and prose formats in the late nineteenth and twentieth century’s. British imperialism is evident in India based on the quote coined by Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli stating that the "Jewel in the Crown" of the empire is India. On the other hand, Joseph Conrad born in Berdichev in the year 1857, 3rd December was a novelist; Polish born (Merriman 1). Joseph was regarded as one of the greatest English novelist although he did not speak English language fluently and had a Polish accent until his twenties. He was a master of prose stylist and brought a non-English sad feeling in the English literature. It also can be seen in Conrad's works that colonialism is a scourge being forced a pone a native people.

Various similarities can be derived from the works of Rudyard Kipling and Joseph Conrad on their writing career. To begin with, both Rudyard Kipling and Joseph Conrad have made contributions to the English literature through their depictions of colonialism. They both wrote short stories and nove...

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...y of atmosphere, at times compared to Kipling Rudyard (Merriman 1). On the other hand, Kipling after leaving his homeland to England and the hard life after mistreatment made him desperately unhappy with this experience influencing and coloring his later writings.

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