Biographical Information on Joseph Conrad and Heart of Darkness, His Most Famous Work

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Biographical information on Joseph Conrad
Joseph Conrad is one of the most recognized writers of literary impressionism, who once wrote that the main reason of a writer was “to make you see” (Domestico). Under the name of Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski, Joseph was born on the third day of December 1857 in the Russian-controlled city of Berdychiv, Ukraine. However, he was orphaned at the age of eleven when his father was prisoned by the Russians for his nationalist political activities in 1861. Conrad along with his mother followed him to Vologda where he was kept, but the harsh weather caused his mother to die form tuberculosis in 1865. Later on in 1869, his father died from tuberculosis as well (Higgins 2006). In 1874, Conrad traveled to Marseilles, where he worked on numerous French vessels over the next four years. In 1878, Conrad had attempted suicide, but failed and later joined a British ship in April 1878. It was on that vessel where Conrad was brought to Constantinople, and for the first time, London. Consequently, Conrad would serve in the British merchant navy for the next 16 years. At 21, Conrad started learning how to speak English, even though he had been reading the language since he was young. In 1895, Conrad married Jessie George, and later had two sons with her. He continued living in the southeast corner of England, where his life as a writer was encompassed by sickness, and being almost poor. He died from a heart attack on August 3, 1924 in Canterbury, Kent.

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