Comparing The State Of California And Hawaii's State Department Of Health

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Public health is very crucial in many U.S states. Each health departments differ from each individual state. The goals of each department is different depending on the condition that each state is facing. It takes into consideration of the services they give and receive, the structure of the programs, and the general function of each health care worker. The difference between the state of California and Hawaii varies in many ways. Goals are set upon what is happening the most in that area. As both agency’s misson is to improve the health and environment of the whole community, their goals are quite different. “Dedicated to optimizing the health and well-being of the people in California” (CDPH, 2015). Their vision is to provide healthy outcomes…show more content…
The mission of the Department of Health here in Hawaii is to improve the health and environment in their communites. Their priorities include health equity, disease prevention, emergency preparedness, sustainable environment, and excellent service (ASTHO, 2014). The structure and relationship with its local health departments is defined as freestanding and independent. This means that the state health agencies and local health department share different roles. “Staff members assigned to district offices often provide consulation and technical assistance to local health agencies especially for purposes of medical oversight, budgetary management, inspectional activites and code enforcement” (Turnock, 2015, p. 85) The department of Health website of Hawaii is split into three different resources. It includes the health, behavorial, and environmental health adminstration. These resources provides links to program information about the specific…show more content…
Similar to California’s services, this provides infomational records and it is also used by online ordering and tracking. The website also includes a strategic plan for achieving a fundamental, cost-effective, and sustainable improvement in health status and will help to improve healthy outcomes and reduce long term costs (Hawaii State Department of Health, 2015). Some other important features of the website is including health and safety topics. Topics include information on diseases, immunization, emergency preparedness and response, family health, and injury prevention. This is beneficial to those who want to learn more about their community’s health. It helps them to learn about how to prevent a disease or illness from happening in their

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