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Socrates tells Diotimas speech by stating the qualities of love and speaks on several teachings regarding love. Diotima’s speech is intriguing and I agree regarding the qualities of love. Love is not a god, love in itself is where actual beauty lies. Diotima believes happiness is having good and beautiful things. Love was created the day Aphrodite was born to Poros and Penia and succeeds Aphrodite. There are a few individuals mentioned that are identified as the type of individuals that Athenian men established their perspective regarding love including Agathon,
Aristophanes, Eryximachus, Pausanias, and Phaedrus. Agathon is a tragic poet, Aristophanes is a comic poet, Eryximachus is a doctor, Erastes is a older boyfriend,and Eromenos is a younger boyfriend. I
The one who loves knowledge will concluseively attain love. Moreover, beauty consistently remains without ceasing, increasing, or diminishing. The concept the author is trying to convey is infinite, absolute beauty is the goal. The goal is not being beautiful in one way, sometimes, some places, or to some individuals. Beauty is independent, it will not materialize in some bodies or some forms of knowledge it will only be isolated. Beauty evolves from it’s particular nature and does not change. An individual will transition from loving certain types of beauty to loving beauty solely in itself. Moreover, Diotima proposes that a life that is admired and a life that pursued beauty is the appropriate life to live. A large majority of people abandon people or tangible items that cause great pleasure and enjoyment for love and admiration. One must gaze upon beauty solely in itself not the beauty of men, clothes, cars, or any luxuries that gave an individual pleasure. A person who gazes upon beauty itself is not only loved by the gods but is honorable and at the advantage of an individual that values material items. Overall,
Diotima’s speech enlightened me regarding love, relationships, and

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