Alfred Hitchcock As An Auteur

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Some directors like John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock and Tim Burton are all well known artistic directors. Each having their own specific style, an example of this would be Alfred Hitchcock, and his style is Horror, he however not only uses his well-known genre, but also includes his individual personality in his work. These directors who have their own distinctive identification are known as auteurs. Auteurs all have a specific style when it comes to creating their films, just like an artist or a musician has theirs. The concept of authorship is something, which I will be discussing in this essay, whilst relating authorship back to Auteur Quentin Tarentino.

André Bazin is the theorists which founded the French Film Magazine “Cahiers Du Cinema’ …show more content…

It is time consuming for a director to get to that stage where they are acknowledged as an auteur, by spectators and by critics. One director whom I have also seen rise up to becoming an auteur, although not yet acknowledged as one is David O Russell, known for ‘Silver linings Playbook 2012’, “American Hustle 2013’ and the upcoming film ‘Joy 2015’ all of which feature, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley copper featuring in these films. In order for a spectator to understand the directors specific style and techniques, they must of watched at least more than one of the specific directors films in order to understand the concept of the ‘Auteur theory’. What is good about Auteur theory is the knowledge of a spectator, knowing that the director of the film there going to watch is something that they will enjoy and understand. Just like the director David O Russell, you may have seen his film ‘American Hustle’ and enjoyed it so think that his next film ‘Joy’ may be as good as his previous …show more content…

This is known as Metteur-en-scene, which was noted by the theorists John Huston. From the ‘a sight and sound’ article written by Tony Richardson, I have recovered a statement which explains ‘They are not content-or not able—like the true interpreter to submerge their personalities in the job of putting whatever they are talking on to the screen”. This statement I think is not necessary correct to say, from my interpretation of this, it is stating that anyone who is not an auteur is not content, and unable to input their personality into the making of their film, although this may not make their film ‘Unique’, other directors input their own interpretations of scenarios, manipulating them until it is the best it can

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