Horror Subgenre Analysis

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The genre of horror films is one that is vast and continually growing. So many different elements have been known to appear in horror films that it is often times difficult to define what is explicitly a horror film and what is not. Due to this ambiguous definition of horror the genre is often times divided into subgenres. Each subgenre of horror has a more readily identifiable list of classifications that make it easier to cast a film to a subgenre, rather than the entire horror genre. One such subgenre that is particularly interesting is that of the stalker film. The stalker film can be categorized as a member of the horror genre in two ways. First, the stalker film can be identified within the horror genre due to its connection with the easily recognizable subgenre of horror, the slasher film. Though many elements of the stalker film differ from those of the slasher film, the use of non-mechanical weapons and obvious sexual plot points can be used to categorize the stalker film as a subgenre of the slasher film. Secondly, the stalker film can be considered a member of the horror genre using Robin Wood’s discussion regarding horror as that which society represses. The films Fatal Attraction, The Fan, and The Crush will be discussed in support of this argument. (Need some connector sentence here to finish out the intro)
While once considered “low-brow” with a serious lack of documentation, the slasher film is now an established subgenre of the horror film. Like most genres and subgenres, the slasher film uses a predefined socially accepted list of criteria in order to classify a film as such. Carol J. Clover discusses this list in her article Her Body, Himself: Gender in the Slasher Film. The slasher film is marked by its killer,...

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... against the societal patriarchal norms, thus coding her as “other” and the facilitator of horror.
This new facilitator of horror, the stalker, has helped to redefine a new subgenre of the horror film industry. What they do is absolutely terrifying, as they basically invade every aspect of their victim’s lives, with no regard for their friends, family, or possessions. After analysis of the three stalker films referenced above, as well as the numerous amounts of stalker movies that continue to be produced, one can understand why there is a demand for this style of movie. The entire idea encompasses that which is suppressed because it threatens our normalcy of life. The idea is captivating, and we as a society would much rather view this from the outsider’s perspective on the “big screen,” than to see them enacted in our everyday lives through ourselves or others.
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