Billy Wilder, an auteur?

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When talking about Billy Wilder as a director a popular, controversial topic is whether or not he is considered an auteur. There have been many critics who have attempted to prove that Wilder is not an auteur but many have fallen short on providing a strong and convincing argument. Billy Wilder is an auteur for many reasons; the most obvious reason though is by comparing his four most famous movies. Wilder was very involved in the process of making the film and was often the writer, producer and director of the film. By being so involved he was able to make scenes his own, especially since Wilder wanted every detail of the scene written out in the script. He also has similar themes of cynicism towards different elements of human nature but would lighten the mood of the film by adding a comedic element to the scene. Wilder also enjoyed pushing the boundaries of screenwriting and to be able to get an approval from the Production Code Administration, he had to add comedy to the script. Another reason that proves Wilder as an auteur is through his work with famous actors and actress. Wilder had a knack for dealing with difficult actors and was often able to make them who he wanted. Finally Billy Wilder stuck to very traditional uses of camera angles and movements that set him aside from other directors. Billy Wilder was not only an influential director but also an auteur through his involvement in writing, directing, and producing the film, the cynicism mixed with comedy shown through the characters, and his traditional use of camera movement and angles compared to other directors during the 1950’s.
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... his work with famous actors and actresses, and his classical style of camera usage are reasons that he is an auteur. Wilder takes ownership of his works and each one of his films reflects off of each other in some way. An auteur is an “author” of their work and they have certain characteristics that help to define that it is their work. Wilder enjoys mixing cynicism and comedy in not only his characters but also through the theme of the movie. Wilder’s talent with being able to work with famous yet difficult actors and actresses is another reason to call him an auteur. He was able to create unique characters that no other film had. Lastly, his classical style of moving the camera during production helps to set him apart from other directors. In conclusion, Billy Wilder is a very influential director who made his mark on cinema and deserves to be called an auteur.
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