Compare and contrast the two poems, focusing on how the poets use

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Compare and contrast the two poems, focusing on how the poets use

language and imagery to represent war.

Both poems are war poems of two different periods in history. 'The

Charge of the Light Brigade', by Alfred Tennyson, was written before

the twentieth century whereas 'Dulce et decorum est' was first drafted

in 1917 by a poet named Wilfred Owen. Tennyson's poem was set in The

Crimean War (1854-56) where the British commander made the mistake of

charging at the main Russian position. He was meant to have retaken

some guns held by the Russians. This had inevitably caused many deaths

to the six hundred men that obeyed the order. Alfred Lord Tennyson was

not at the battle scene, he created his poem through the description

given in 'The Times' newspaper. Unlike Tennyson, Wilfred Owen's poem

is based on his experience in the First World War. This poem describes

how he and some soldiers were ambushed by a gas attack. Then he was

forced to watch one of his men die after failing to put his gas mask

on in time. His poem's title, 'Dulce et decorum est', is Latin for 'It

is sweet and proper'. He sees war as being wrong and a 'lie', whilst

Tennyson believes that enduring on war is 'Noble' and an 'Honour'.

The 'Charge of The Light Brigade' consists of short lines giving the

rhythm a fast pace. Although throughout the poem the rhyming is not

regular, the rhyme is distinctive because the lines are short.

Therefore rhymes like "onward" and "hundred are clearly heard. This

helps give the poem a positive tone.

We feel that the soldiers are heroic as the "Half a league" moves

onwards into battle. When the poem is read allowed the tripling sounds

like marching. This effect gives a sense of bravery from The Light


... middle of paper ... that the victim

of the gas attack is so badly scared his face is like a sick devil.

Tennyson, from what has been implied in the poem, views war something

that is for the brave and people should respect those who have fought

for Britain. Despite his patriotic view, he has repeated the danger of

an early death in his poem, proving he is fully aware of war's

horrors. Owen has shown war as being gruesome. His poem describes the

war through the senses, which allows readers enter the shoes of

Wilfred Owen, and understand war's tragedy. He believes that 'sweet

and proper to die for your country' is a lie, unlike Tennyson. Alfred

Tennyson's poem was based on a newspaper article that has made the

poem biased and patriotic. I prefer Wilfred Owen's poem because I am

able to see war through his experience and how The First World War has

emotionally affected him.
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