There are many differences between the two sonnets; the first difference

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There are many differences between the two sonnets; the first difference is when they were written Christina Rossetti wrote Remember. For my essay I shall be comparing 2 sonnets, one written before 1914 and the other which was written after 1914. A sonnet is a poem but is sorted into two sections, the octave and the sestet. The octave contains eight lines and the sestet contains six lines, so altogether there are fourteen lines in a sonnet. In the octave and the sestet there is always a change of meaning. The first sonnet I am going to look at is "Remember" which is written by Christina Rossetti before 1914. This sonnet talks about death and love. In the octave Christina Rossetti is saying remember me but in the sestet she is saying forget about me, this is what is meant by change of meaning in the octave and sestet. The second sonnet I shall be looking is called "Sonnet" which is written after 1914. This sonnet is written by Edna St. Vincent Millay. "Sonnet" is about past love and not having anyone too love. In the octave she talks about the past but in the sestet she talks about the present. This is another demonstration of how the meaning has changed in the octave and sestet. The language used in "Remember" is very forceful as she repeatedly insists her partner remember her. She also covers the word death by using different phrases and metaphors like "I am gone away" and "silent land" this shows that she is scared of dying but has learnt to except it. "When you can no more hold me by the hand". This quote shows that the person Christina Rossetti is writing to is very close, considering that she is a Victorian lady she can not talk more intimately. Christina Rossetti uses phrases to make it no sound as bad "Nor I half turn to go, yet turning stay". This is letting her partner know that once she has gone she can't return. Another way Christina Rossetti covers up the word death is by saying "Remember me when no more". This quote is also being forceful as she is again insisting for her partner to remember her. In the sestet there is a change of meaning. "Yet", This shows that the writer Christina Rossetti has realised what the consequence could be if her partner decides to comply with her wishes in the octave, so she decides to change her mind and tell her partner that I'd rather you forget me and be happy than remember me and be sad, "Better by far you should forget and
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