Compare And Contrast New England And A Model Of Christian Charity

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Compare and Contrast A Description of New England and A Model of Christian Charity

Mankind can be conceived in interesting ways by analyzing the writings of John Smith and John Winthrop. As I read through John Smith‘s “A Description of New England” and John Winthrop’s “A Model of Christian Charity,” it became evident to me that the two readings had similar and different viewpoints of the essential nature of man. Throughout my paper, I will compare their similar beliefs of community and diversity of people and completely contrast their ideas of emphasis on religion and relationships with enemies.

Both authors stress a sense of community and diversity in order to survive in America. Smith could not think of anything to “be more pleasant, than planting and building a foundation for his posterity, got from the rude earth, by God’s blessing and his own industry, without prejudice to any” (Smith 114). This proves Smith believes everyone in the community should join together without showing any type of discrimination. Likewise, Winthrop declares we must have “before our eyes commission and community in …show more content…

Smith thinks there should always “be a sufficient power to command them, houses to receive them, means to defend them, and meet provisions for them” (Smith 117). He is speaking about how the new settlers should be in control of their Indian enemies. God is not mentioned when Smith is speaking of this hatred toward the Indians. Conversely, Winthrop’s sermon states “the law of nature could give no rules dealing with enemies, for all are to be considered as friends in the state of innocency, but the Gospel commands love to an enemy” (Winthrop 216). There exists only love for enemies in Winthrop’s mind. He believes in following God through the Gospel. Both authors have totally opposing opinions on how an enemy should be treated in

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