Compare And Contrast Veganism And Vegetarianism

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People eat food every day without knowing where it came from or how it was processed. As one grows up, they pay more attention to what nutrients they need for their body. Most do not think about how those nutrients can benefit the environment and if the food may have been infected or not. Vegans and vegetarians, support both without exerting themselves. That is why veganism and vegetarianism is a better lifestyle than eating meat and meat products. Intentionally avoiding flesh eating first came into place as a part of rituals for short-lived purification. The teaching of Pythagoras of Samos, a philosopher, in the fifth century BC is the first recorded teaching of avoiding flesh eating in the Mediterranean. He taught that kinship of all…show more content…
Meat offers a lot of important nutrients that keep the body functioning correctly. If one does not properly plan their diet, it can lead to considerable nutrient deficiencies (Phillips). Health risks include: inadequacy of calcium, low calorie count, decreased muscle tone, limited variety, and not enough fat (Meanley). Due to the majority of plants having an inadequacy of protein, vegans tend to combine their food (ex. Tortillas and beans) to provide all the necessary amino acids (Cherepa). It may take some creativity to find foods that go well together and provide the right nutrients; however it can be done. Vitamin B₁₂ and Vitamin D are two prominent nutrients that vegans in particular do not have proper intake of. Lacking Vitamin B₁₂ can be a risk to all ages because of its important role of keeping the brain and nervous system functioning normal, and also for blood formation. The main function of Vitamin D is maintaining normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. It also forms and maintains strong bones by aiding the body in absorbing calcium. Lack of vitamin D would impact the elderly most significantly, because they will be at high risk of acquiring hip fractures. In their old age, it is difficult for them to function and do daily tasks, but getting a hip fracture will limit their capabilities further and increase their dependency on others. Woman on a vegetarian diet during pregnancy need to be extremely cautious because of birth defects. The Avon Longitudinal Study of Pregnancy and Childhood (ALSPAC) found that there is an increased risk of giving birth to a boy with hypospadias (a birth defect), if the mothers were on a vegetarian diet during pregnancy (Phillips). The key to a healthy diet without meat is to always monitor what one eats. It may be complicated, but it is necessary if one intends to go on a vegetarian

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