Compare And Contrast Total Quality Management

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1.0: Introduction
The globalisation of modern organizations has created the needs for accountants to be good leaders and managers in order to enhance their performances. This internalization of business organization has necessitated accounting and finance professionals to improve on their non-accounting skills. Moreover, there is an increasingly demand on accounting and finance professionals by government and businesses to intervene in the global downturn in economy. (accessed 23/11/14) These challenges require aspiring accountants and financial specialists to be adequately equipped themselves with leadership and management skills. Gaining
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Compare and Contrast different Management Styles
Another widespread and popular management theory among businesses is quality management and it is also called Total Quality Management (TQM). Denning (1986), Juran (1992) and Crosby (1984) laid the foundations of TQM and the concept was widely used in the late 1980s in the Western World.
TQM is a holistic approach to the management of quality that emphasizes the role of all parts of an organization and all people within an organization to influence and improve quality, (Slack, 2004). Oakland (1992), defined TQM as an approach to improving the effectiveness and flexibility of the business as a whole, a way of organising and involving every department, activity and every person at every level. According to Munro-Faure (1992), the objective of TQM is to meet customer requirements as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Autocratic Management Style
Leaders and managers are believed to be autocratic when they single-handedly make a decision without consulting employees. Autocratic manager is always in full control (dictator). After sometime, employees get demotivated in working in that type of work environment since they are not participated in process of decision-making that concern

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