Compare And Contrast Stoon Rebellion And Stono's Rebellion

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The British colonies in the 17th century were afflicted by many strenuous periods of tension that boiled over resulting in violent rebellions. Bacon’s Rebellion and the Stono rebellion are two such rebellions that rocked the colonies. These conflicts rose from tension between the governance of the colonies and those who they ruled over. The Stono Rebellion and Bacon’s Rebellion were both examples of the American people’s willful determination, unifying capability, and ability to fight back. The Stono Rebellion and Bacon’s Rebellion both thoroughly demonstrated the determination of the American people in the British colonies. Despite the brutal treatment that slaves received and the inadequate policies for protecting the farmers of Virginia, both groups of people rose up in distinguished acts of defiance. These revolutionaries both had the goal to make a point to the British government that they are to be feared and not trampled upon. The Virginian farmers did not accept the policies of William Berkley and instead of living under his power, they rose up to fight …show more content…

Both the Slaves and Virginian farmers were able to orchestrate precise blows to their oppressors in an effort to gain their rights. The Virginian farmers did this by attacking the seat of government in the region while the African slaves forged a path towards the free Spanish Florida. These pushes towards a future with more rights were not possible without the unifying of numerous slaves, and farmers alike. As one the farmers and slaves could do nothing, but under the leadership of men such as Nathaniel Bacon and Jemmy (leader of the Stono Rebellion), they were able to make a lasting impact on their governments. Unified as one force these groups were able to seize the capital of Virginia and stand face to face with their enemy who denied them basic human

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