Compare And Contrast Joseph Ronalton And George Washington

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The United States has had many great leaders and heroes over its two hundred and thirty-nine years of existence. However, few people are able to stand out with such a wealth of amazing people concentrated in one country. Those who are able to are remembered with a special kind of honor only bestowed upon those who have truly changed the world. Two men who left their mark on the world and America are known as two of the best presidents the United States has ever seen. George Washington and Ronald Reagan, though from completely different times, demonstrated great strength, integrity, and wisdom throughout their lives and careers. President Washington helped form this great country and stood for freedom and was willing to die for it. President Reagan helped rebuild America and stood up against the Soviet Union and Communism. Both Presidents left their mark on the United States and ended their presidency with similar, yet very different farewell speeches. These speeches were the last addresses the presidents gave in office, and they spoke with incredible wisdom intending to leave America in good hands. Both President Reagan and President Washington’s speeches…show more content…
Washington laid out a roadmap for going forward and how to continue to build the nation established on freedom. Reagan created a sense of pride and accomplishment with his address and connected with the nation in a way that other presidents had not been able to accomplish. Both presidents left their mark on America and on the world and will be remembered as two of the greatest presidents this great nation has ever had. Their accomplishments range from strengthening a nation to defeating impossible military odds. These two men will definitely never be forgot and will go down in American history. The day that America sees these men and their feats as insignificant is the day that the American dream

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