Compare And Contrast Johnson And Ronald Reagan

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Lyndon B. Johnson and Ronald Reagan have many difference in the government. Lyndon B. Johnson saying that congress role to promote “general welfare” to discover ways to improve government. Reagan called the war on poverty a failure and proposed budget to reduce spending social programs but increase the size of military. By compare and contrasting Lyndon B. Johnson’s speech on affirmative action with Ronald Reagan’s inaugural address can show the differences and alikeness in federal Government. Lyndon B. Johnson and Ronald Reagan had diverse understandings of the part of the government, especially when it came to local arrangement. Lyndon Johnson reported his organization "Great Society." These projects would go past consummation racial bad …show more content…

Ronald Read ran a campaign based on lowering taxes, and strong national defense. In his first inaugural address, he emphasized the important to conserving the power of an us control our own destinies. He also says that government is not a solution to the problem that they are the problem. During his term, he decreases the size of federal government and supported policies and reforms that he believed empowered individuals. Reagan also worked to reduce federal spending on home programs, due to his concerns about the constitutionality of those programs. He called for finances cuts, mostly from great Society programs. while not touching Medicare and Social security, Reagan authorized cuts in federal schooling programs, food stamp programs, workplace programs, and other non-military domestic programs. Believing the U.S. had left out the military after the Vietnam war, and because the cold battle continued, Reagan asked for increased funds to reinforce the military. The decrease in taxes and growth in army spending ended in the biggest budget deficits in the united states’ records to that time. The deficits persisted each year, however Reagan vowed to veto any tax increases Congress

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