Compare And Contrast Digital Art Vs Fine Art

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In our modern times, art has evolved and became a field that is ever-embracing ideas and technology. Many colleges are now offering degrees in digital art and animation. Technology in 3D creations is on the rise and becoming an ever-popular medium for artists to explore. Digital art and fine art may never be fully accepted in the same category. Nevertheless, both are equally justified in being a part of the art field. Although fine art is classically thought of as painting, drawing, pottery, and sculpturing, digital art is pushing the boundaries of art perspective to include gaming, photography, and realistic and animation creations.
Digital art is all around us in our everyday lives. Cell phones are increasing the use of digital technology for better programs, applications, and games. All of these rely on attractive graphics, spunky features, and colorful choices for the user to apply. Although these …show more content…

The digital artist and the fine artist require a skill set that is creative and original. The energy the artist used to bring to life the artwork is just as strong as when the idea was conceived. That energy can be felt and resonate within the observer to stir emotion and transport the spirit to another world, even if just mentally.
In the end, does the medium matter for the piece to be called digital art or even fine art? The art field is large enough to hold both digital art and fine art. The creator uses the same energy to create an art piece regardless if the work is digital art or fine art. Digital art can go where fine art cannot even begin to fathom, while fine art will remain a classic skill that time cannot erase. Digital creations play a key role in our modern world, and fine art remains an untarnished, classic beauty. At the end of the day, art is a simple complexity that is aesthetically pleasing and a joy to

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