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Art can be seen in every culture and country around the world in many different forms and styles. The only way to be able to see and experience different types and styles of art is to travel around the world and see it at museums. Unless a local museum features different artwork from around the world; there is a rare chance that a person may be able to appreciate different types of artwork from around the world. However, today’s technology has given more people a chance to appreciate art from around the world through virtual museums online.
Roman open-air museum Hechingen –Stein is a roman villa in Germany with a virtual museum online ( The museum features rooms furnished and decorated as it would have looked like in ancient times. The rooms also display original finds when the villa was discovered. A virtual tour on the website shows an aerial view of the villa, giving guests a feel of the size of the villa. A guided online tour takes guests on 27 different stops through the villa. There is also a video on the villa for guests who ...

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