Dally and Johnny Similarities and Differences in S.E. Hinton´s Outsiders

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557 words

Imagine a life where danger lurks in every corner, and there is no hope for a shooting star to appear. This is how Dally and Johnny,two characters from S.E Hinton’s, The Outsiders, live everyday. One welcomes this trouble while the other cowers away. Dally Winston and Johnny Cade are two characters who although very different, have very similar characteristics. Johnny and Dallas are two very similar characters. For example, they both have neglectful parents. Dally was jailed at the age of ten and spent three years on the deleterious side of New York.He became hard and cold, with a hatred of the world, all because he didn’t get the proper attention. Dally himself mentions, "Blast it, Johnny, what do they matter? Shoot, my old man don't give a hang whether I'm in jail or dead in a car wreck or drunk in the gutter. That don't bother me none." Dally is spitting out evidence of his dad’s negligence and shows the irresponsible personality of him. If Dally had been given affection, maybe he would not have been jailed, start gangs, accost others, and be a delinquent. ...

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how dally and johnny, two characters from s.e. hinton's the outsiders, live everyday. one welcomes trouble while the other cowers away.
  • Compares johnny and dallas, who both have neglectful parents. dally was jailed at the age of ten and spent three years on the deleterious side of new york.
  • Concludes that johnny and dally are very similar.
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