Compare And Contrast Continuous And Discontinuous Change

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Managing Change Paper In business today it is notable that change is no longer a variable but an ever-changing constant. As it relates to “managing change” for companies business models, then the majority of them are substantiating this theory of change. If change is managed properly, then it can be a rewarding experience for company’s employees, managers, shareholders and customers. “In order to do this effectively, there is an element of foresight required, which is a complex and conflicting process of analyzing, experiencing, interpreting, and absorbing uncertainties” (Brown and Eisenhardt, 1997). Compare and Contrast Continuous and Discontinuous Change There are two methods Target can choose to implement change to increase the customer…show more content…
In the case of Target addressing customer satisfaction and consumer confidence it is necessary to use both an internal and an external change agent. Feedback from actual consumers is necessary in order to gain an understanding of the issues impacting, positively and negatively, the shopping experience. The strategy in which to combat the negative aspects is best led from within as it is the leadership and management of the organization that can best assess the strategies in place and mold them to allow for compliance with the feedback provided by shoppers themselves. Target 's consumer feedback strategy is not too unlike many others in the industry. Customers are selected at random and asked to share their experience on a survey. In order to entice shoppers to complete the survey, incentives are offered. Shoppers willing to provide their feedback are entered into drawings for two different gift cards ("Inform Target Guest Satisfaction Survey",…show more content…
They have survived merely due to using a model of business that has sustained them. However, they will need to continue to focus on change management in order to seek out needs of the business, reduce risks, creativity, and implementing change that favors the customer’s needs. The Target Company will need to make the necessary changes that will heighten the customers shopping experience. Their business change management business model needs to reflect if either or both incremental or second order change is best for them. It is in the best interest of the company that they gage and leverage customers feedback via in-store personal experiences, random surveys from direct customer communication, online feedback, and manager escalations in order to find out how they can use these tools as continuous improvement methods. We also concluded that The Target Company will cushion and position the business better if they use both external and internal change agents either from within or outside the company to strategize a new prospective and think outside the box with ideas to increase customer satisfaction. By also soliciting the voice of the target customers, they will understand what the customers like and dislike about their overall experience. Change Management is vital and critical to this organization and will thus prove to be a
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