Compare And Contrast Coco Chaneel And Louis Vuitton

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Craftsmanship, innovation and uniqueness are the basic pillars that define the success of any luxury brand. But Louis Vuitton and Chanel, which are comparatively modern luxury, achieved success within an intimate community of fan followers. Looking back in history, we see how Louis Vuitton had already initiated the concept of social endorsement as a communicative marketing strategy, when he decided to advertise Empress Eugenie on his shop on the Boulevard Haussmann. On a similar line, although from a perspective of popular origin, Coco Chanel channeled her initial success by maintaining close bonds with the elite from the Paris fashion society. Most designers even today have generated initial success by maintaining strong ties with a small…show more content…
People from the wealthy community aspired for values of distinctiveness, superior quality and need for connectivity and identification. ‘Creation’ occurs inherently in case of luxury brands. Few centuries-old brands have practiced cultural progression and evolving trends through history while being a part of the communal cultural heritage. As such, they have become honored witnesses of a charismatic era, of ever-changing lifestyle patterns, and that of the advancements of different art movements and the design (craft) industry. It does not appear astonishing, then, to see so many books, films, videos and documentaries being released to narrate their heritage that provide us with offstage access to their…show more content…
Luxury brands have enormous reservoirs of content, which can be tapped into. Few examples of which would include the birth of a particular pattern, invention of a new design, association with different artists, stories on lifestyle, art or culture that have relevance with their brand values and more. They can use any one or combinations of the above elements to recite their brand story and bring out the details of their brand universe through content marketing strategies. Content creation was in its infancy when it was considered a bold move only initiated by a few luxury brands. The intention of these initiatives was not to create an impact but was a mere progression of marketing moves designed to create little more than a sense of buzz. But today, a vibrational shift is being experienced in marketing circles. ‘Product’ and ‘Brand’, which form the basic pillars of marketing strategies in the luxury industry, are now on a forward directing pace with the advent of a new fast-talking element called

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