Public Relations In Japan Case Study

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Client/employer Objectives of Japan
Japanese communication system is based on “high tech context” which means that information sharing based on “implicitly, indirectly”, on the otherhand in United States information sharing based on “explicit values” (Cooper-Chen and Tanaka 2007:103).The understanding of Public relations in Japanese society evolved over time. First, public relations understood as the “government publicity campaign” and afterwards it changed to “marketing communication” (William, Tomoko and Dirk, 2002:270). In order to effectively implement their public relations strategies on their target market, luxury brands have to understand them and finally form a communication between each other. In this regard, according to (Gupta 2008) ”there must be a two way interchange of feelings, expressions and motives to build a communication” (Gupta 2008:4). LV ‘s main communication purpose according to the advertisements (see page 84) is to increase brand equity, brand loyalty, value of it’s brand and brand awareness . Because LV is the strongest brand in the luxury market industry and it plays a crucial role to strenghten its core focuses to continue its position in its market. Moreover, according to (Euromonitor International 2013 f), Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Tiffany are the leading brands interms of sale in Japan and China’s markets (Euromonitor International 2013 f).The figure below shows the Louis Vuiton’s brand real success is in accessories part for Japan’s market (Euromonitor International 2013 h). On the otherhand, “Louis Vuitton opened its first store in Japan in 1978” (Chadha and Husband 2006:16). LV is an old player in the Japanese market according to the information. Furthermore, Louis Vuitton Japan’s main clien...

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... from Japan and %50 from Japanese tourists and totally %88 of the revenue is provided from Japan”(Chadha and Husband 2006:2). These percentages are the real evidences that the Louis Vuitton Japan is managing it’s public relations and also other management functions effectively.Moreover, eventhough the prices of the LV products are high but Japan LV serving their consumers where they can reach the LV in a specific location for example “Ginza shopping district”. Moreover, their product quality satisfy the consumers and also there are promotions with the collaboration of either celebrities, Japanese artists in Japan. To sum up, Japan LV is managing not only it’s public relation activities to collect goodwill from their consumers but also its sales with the advertisements either on social media or in popular magazines and also with special marketing strategies.
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