Compare And Contrast Claudius And Macbeth

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One Writer; two tragedies and two really different murderers. William Shakespeare's Hamlet and Macbeth are generally common tragedies. Hamlet and Macbeth successfully deal with the need for royal power and its bad after effects.This essay examines the probable corollary that a tragic villain may possess and or including characteristics that may be passing on the same level with the tragic-heroes. Being hero-villains, Macbeth and Claudius present similarities.Both of them are magnanimous, driven by ambition, suffer internally, lack conscience and smart.

To start off, Macbeth and Claudius are remarkable individuals.They are respected and elevated. Macbeth and Claudius have a powerful will. They show self-discipline in doing issue and fortitude in the face of the predicted and follow their dreams with the decision. In the case of Macbeth, when he realizes that the whole thing has grown to become against him and twenty thousand troops of the British navy led by Malcolm, Siward, and Macduff, are marching march toward his palace, he chooses to fight in place instead of giving up. Claudius shows fortitude and willpower in doing things is unveiled through his words and action. Claudius's strength
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Mentioned in The Imagery in "Hamlet": Acting: Claudius masks his real self with a false face of kindness is a commonplace of Hamlet criticism (¨My cousin Hamlet and my son," "think of us as of a father¨).Macbeth and Claudius show courage to follow their desires. They outshine the others due to their personal characteristics, for instance, strength, commitment and the ability to hide their true
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