The Many Versions of Cinderella

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Each person in the world has heard of Cinderella, no matter what kind of version it may be. Cinderella is the one fairy tale story that has been popular and will always be the one tale that has to be told to children. Words and story lines might be twist and turn, but in the end the knowledge of the story will be learned in similar ways. As we all know when one story is told another is created, when one is at its best then another is at its worse. One version will always be better than another, but no matter what version it might be the story will be told. There are many things one has learned from the experience, although the twelve versions of Cinderella are similar to each other but yet in some way they are different, which make it unique. Similar plot and similar circumstances however, different author with different minds. They are portraying with similar knowledge but the way the story may be told is different such as the characters names, locations, and the time it was created. No matter what it is I’ve learn that Cinderella will be Cinderella regardless of the different author, different time or different title. These creations of different versions is precisely similar to when one tells another person a story and is passed on to another person than the story will be shorten with less details and added with a few other exaggerations, in which will cause the stories to be different from each other. In the twelve version of Cinderella there are many similarities and a couple of differences. First, is the similarities: for example the formulas for their fairy tales seems to remain constant like the characters of the stepfamily are portrayed as evil and vindictive while Cinderella is describe as the sweet and loving per... ... middle of paper ... ...ther than some of the characters and reworded a little but other than that everything seems to be a replica. Regardless of how many versions of Cinderella there might be the story will be about a girl with a stepfamily who is evil and the girl will find her way to the ball and become one of the most prettiest girl, and soon enough the prince will come sweep her off her feet, which will soon become her life as she always wish for. Also, despite the time period it might be created or the title might be different the story will be connected to the original piece of Cinderella. There are similarities and differences in everything in life but the way we present it, is what it make it unique such as Cinderella story will be the Cinderella story but when one present it differently and it is single out from all the others then that is what it’s going to be famous for.

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