Compare And Contrast Athenian And American Constitution

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Comparing Constitutions: Athenian, American, and Roman In these documents there are elements that are the same and as well there are some parts that will be complete opposites of one another. For that purpose it should be pointed out why and what makes these aspects of the said documents which will help us understand the times they were written in. The first of the documents to go over will be the Athenian constitution as it has numerous references to who holds office and why, for an example in part five section 43 it states how someone can hold office and who can at that, along with how and who votes them into office; “All the magistrates that are concerned with the ordinary routine of administration are elected by lot, except the Military Treasurer, the Commissioners of the Theoric fund, and the Superintendent of …show more content…

constitution give the power of electing individuals into office wither it would that of high ranks or low ranks the people get to choose who it is that is put in those types of positions, “ And the People alone pass judgment in capital cases. ... It is the People who grant offices to the deserving, the most noble prize for virtue in a state. They also have authority over the ratifying of laws and — the greatest of their powers — they deliberate and pass judgment concerning war and peace”(Roman Constitution, [6.14.1]). In conclusion the power of being put into office differinates between these three documents With the power of the election of being placed into office by the people themselves, this can be seen in the Athenian constitution less but more in the roman and U.S. constitutions as these documents represent the symbolism of democracy at hand. But meanwhile their similarities can be found in the aspect of being found worth and right for the position the one running for office is seeking and that is something that can be understood by all that it’s never to be

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