Community Planning In A Community

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It is our responsibility to live a sustainable life. We must dedicate time to further our economic, environmental, and social sustainability in habits of living “greener” lifestyles. In order to do so, the Twin Ports region must establish well-developed educational and employ plans for our communities that informs and takes action to address sustainability through education, networking, and action. Discovering how humans impact the natural world and how the environment affects our quality of life is one of the most important things a community can learn about. Today, understanding this balance between the natural, social, and political systems in regards to the environment is important in becoming an effective region to lead in environmental conservation, nonprofit organizations, and the scientific community. Furthermore, we must work together in order to motivate ourselves to work together in order achieve a healthy and environmentally friendly way of living. We can do this by taking initiatives to develop our community to incorporate new, sustainable ideas to deal with environmental concerns. Additionally, if these ideas are implemented, we can allow ourselves to facilitate a collective action as a social responsibility in encouraging greener urban lifestyles in the Twin Ports area, where we can become a strong and active community linked to sustainable living.
The first step in adopting a greener urban lifestyle lies in the Twin Ports area planning specific goals that have long-lasting visions anchored to progressive plans toward sustainable living. Each community is different, and engaging the public is critical. An approach to achieving a sustainable urban lifestyle involves organizations and individuals pursuing strategic a...

... middle of paper ... believe that it’s our of our hands or that it’s out of reach. If we teach each other to develop these features of promoting greener ways of living everyone can help each other out. This could even provide jobs, internships, and volunteer experiences in such areas as environmental outreach, education, natural resource management, environmental and urban planning, and other ways. If the Twin Ports region concentrated on sustainable resource development itself, the opportunities to environmental sustainability could be endless. We life in a world where many of our passions encompass ways to help solve complex issues with how our communities, our region, and our surrounding influences the natural environment. Together, we can attain more knowledge on ways to further mitigate and implement sustainable practices in areas related to adopting a greener urban lifestyle.
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