Communication From Teacher to Parents

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Children! When someone becomes a parent their kids are the most important thing on the planet. They will do anything to protect them from danger. Parents will love their kids more than life itself. So why a parent wouldn’t be upset when something happens to their children and they do not find out about it. I know I sure would be. There are many cases where school had the students in dangerous situations and didn’t contact their parents. Of course the parents where very upset they found out by someone other than the schools. Whether it is gang activity, bus accidents or unsuitable learning environments schools and parents need to have strong communication to have a strong relationship and make the most for the kids to have a safe place to stride.
In the big school areas the schools have gang members for students which makes the gang activity go up. Schools try to stop the activity but most of the time they just turn the other cheek about it. When the schools do that it is less effective and it is not solving the problem. The kids will come to school and do illegal things there because they think they will just get a detention or a trip to the office and back to class they go, but that’s wrong the school grounds are not a place for kids to come and become above the law. They will still get in trouble with the law just like if they were not in school. It is important for schools to report all crimes it is the first step to acknowledging the problem and trying to solve it. The schools must report all crimes because it is the right thing to do and the law (Trump).
Parents and teacher communications are one of the most important things to have for your child to make the most out if his/her learning at school. The parent characterist...

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