Communicating The Vision Of A Company 's Leadership Team

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Step 4: Communicating the Vision Frequently communicating the vision to members of the organization should be done often and thoughtfully. A company’s leadership team should develop strategies for achieving the vision. One way to communicate the vision is to discuss it daily, and include it as a part of your decision making and problem solving process. Managers should demonstrate the change manifested by the organization, so employees recognize this kind of behavior is present. Communicating the organization’s vision can also address any concerns or difficulties openly and honestly. Robert Tanner agrees that, “many employees and managers will be wary of change and will need to be convinced that this new future is better than their present circumstances” (Tanner, 2016). Often our president and vice presidents make decisions, not understanding who is effected by the change. For communication in an organization to be two-way, both managers and employees must be active contributors to the change effort and shape its implementation through communication and continuous feedback (Tanner, 2016). Step 5: Removing Obstacles In step five, organizations usually encounter resistance to the change. By evaluating any barriers that could effect change, will help remove obstacles and assist leaders in executing the organization’s vision. At Cornerstone, our branch managers repeatedly make changes to current procedures; typically, we become frustrated and begin to resist this change. When we have a chance to communicate our frustration, we often get negative feedback and the issue never seems to be resolved. There are several solutions to removing any barriers or obstacles. First, if an organization can afford to hire a change management spec... ... middle of paper ... ...r improvements (Mindtools). At my job, we have a website developed just for employees called the Corner hub. On the website, we an employee directory, branch spotlight, and project pipeline review. In the project pipeline review section, anyone can glance at current and future projects. On the spreadsheet, we can see the project, their start date, and progress to completion. One of the most recent projects in progress is mobile banking improvements. One improvement that has been suggested is adding the Cornerstone Platinum Visa credit card to mobile banking. This improvement will allow members to see their credit card balance and make their payment through their mobile device. Lastly Kotter summarizes, “until changes sink deeply into a company’s culture, a process that can take five to ten years, new approaches are fragile and subject to regression” (Kotter, 2007).

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