Common Sense Case Study

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Based on my past learning experiences and my own points of view about teaching and learning, I agree with Mayher’s beliefs and convictions about uncommon sense teaching. In the past, I have had teachers who have just stood in the front and lectured the class for the entire time and then I have had some teachers who have involved the students in every way possible. I found that the more interactive teachers were, the more I enjoyed the class and the better my grades were, as well as most of the students in the class. My chemistry teacher in high school is the perfect example of an uncommon sense teacher. Not only was she extremely interactive with the students while teaching, but she would put the information into every day use to help us truly understand the material. When we would perform lab activities in class, she would explain the procedure to us and then send us off to do it in groups. She would even give us some experiments that we had to figure out ourselves using the knowledge we learned in class. Another part of the class that was uncommon sense was when she would have us create posters based on the mnemonic devices that she would make up and then hang them around the room until the test to help us understand the material better. It…show more content…
Although I already had some ideas of uncommon sense that I believed in before reading Mayher’s book, reading the book has broadened my knowledge in uncommon sense teaching. My past experiences in school have definitely shaped my own personal beliefs on how teachers should teach and run their classroom and reading Mayher supported my beliefs. Uncommon sense is a belief that could be used in any classroom from an elementary class to graduate class in college. It seems to be the most effective way for students to learn and even makes the leaning experience more fun for the teacher as well as the
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