Commitment to a Partner

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Commitment to a Partner


This paper provides extreme and basic advice and information on techniques on finding the person meant for you. It focuses on commitment and devotion to your partner. There is a great amount of responsibility that comes with commitment. Self control, personal stability, sacrifices, etc. is all a part of commitment. Communication and trust is the foundation of a happy healthy relationship. It compares what it means to truly love a person and to be deeply infatuated. Those practicing infidelity mentally, physically, and emotionally will be confronted with major relationship conflict. Unfaithfulness leads to divorce and breaking the seventh commandment stated in the bible. People whom are looking towards marriage will find this essay especially informative. Also, couples with children will see how infidelity affects their children. It will also come to attention that physically staying with your partner only because you have kids, but totally dysfunctional and uncommitted will bestow negative influence for future generations.

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Commitment to a Partner

To commit yourself to your partner is being able to make life long sacrifices and promises to yourself and your spouse. You must have the will power to devote yourself to your relationship. Commitment is what keeps a relationship everlasting. It includes trust, time, and honesty. It is the value that helps support a strong and healthy relationship between two people. In order for commitment to play a positive role in a relationship, both partners must be willing to have equal sacrifices, time, and faith. Otherwise the relationship will possibly be unsuccessful. It takes the power of l...

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... you will manage to work it out and that is the beauty of love. Do not let one mistake make your whole relationship fall apart. There are such things as acceptable mistakes, as long as their reasonable. There are many options and considerations to be made before you accept a commitment, explore your options carefully, discover your choices, and make wise decisions for even the smallest choice. Every single person in the world has all sorts of issues, big and small, but it is up to the person to make their commitment work.


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