The Effects of Colors on Mood

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Over the years, researchers have been studying the power of colors to influence every aspect of our life. Furthermore, color has been also employed to describe mood. Some frequently expressions employed when a person is feeling sad is to describe it as “feeling blue” or when a person falls in love is common to hear that this person view the world through “rose-colored glasses.” To be “green with envy” refers to a very jealous person or to “be pure as the snow” describe the innocence of a child. Research has been made to study how color affects the mood of people. I consider interesting to extend these studies to examine if color has the effect of increasing positive mood on students. This experiment may contribute to determine what colors help students to feel relaxed, active or positive.
Research has found the major powerful effects colors can have on our mood, brain, body and even affect one’s health. An article released by the BioMed Central Medical Research Methodology, published the results of 156 patients consisting of 127 females and 29 males who participated in this study. Each one of the patients has respond questions such as: "With regard to your day-to-day mood over the last few months, do you associate it with a particular color? If so, which color?" The researchers developed an instrument called Manchester Color Wheel to classify colors into positive, neutral and negative shades that were administered to the patients. According to the MCW chart positives or neutral colors were represented with yellow, pink, red shades and negative colors were represented with black, grey, blue or purple shades. After a 3 month period the data was analyzed and found that patients consistently associated warm colors with positive e...

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