Colonial Resistance

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In Colonial America the New England and the Southern States transitioned from a rebellious resistance to authority. The New England States were very religious which helped them to establish the Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay colonies. Anyone person that challenged their religious teachings would be banished. The Southern States were royal colonies which were ruled by a governor appointed by the monarch. All southern states showed colonial resistance to british power.
The banished people of the Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay colonies established their own settlements which developed into Rhode Island and Connecticut. Roger Williams, a banished Puritan minister, fled southward and founded the settlement of Providence. Providence tolerated all …show more content…

The southern Carolina's economy was initially based on trading furs and providing food for the West Indies. Eventually the rice growing plantations in South Carolina were run by African slaves and resembled the economy of the West Indies. In Northern Carolina farmers from Virginia and New England created small, self- producing tobacco farms. There were not as many large plantations like South Carolina and less reliance on slavery. Georgia was the last and only one of the British colonies that received direct financial help from London. Britain wanted Georgia to be created to create a blockade between the prosperous southern plantations and Spanish Florida. Also people that owed money to the English government would be shipped to Georgia. James Oglethorpe founded Savannah and became the first governor. He created a plan to make the colony prosper. He made elaborate rules that stated bans on drinking rum and slavery. Even with these rules the colony did not prosper due to the constant threat of the Spanish. The British government took over Georgia and made it a royal colony. The ban on whisky and slavery were abolished and the colony started adopting South Carolina's plantation system. This shows how when the southern states followed the authority of the government they started to grow and

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