College, a Time of Discovering Personal Attributes

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The college experience takes on various perspectives while people are going through the rigorous times. So people cherish the moment and others can’t handle the pressure of the tasks put forth with college. The college experience, in my opinion, is a span of time when an individual has the chance to find valuable personal attributes that will stick with them their whole lifetime. The beneficial personal attributes discovered in college include; new communications, an advanced education, and improved life lessons. An individual discovers the personal attribute of new communications during their college tenure that proves to be beneficial through life. When in college, people have the chance to find new friends and colleagues in classes and also in organizations like clubs. The new communications found in college include; new friendships, professional relationships with professors, and opportunistic relationships for jobs. The creation of new friendships in college makes for bonding opportunities that people have never experienced before. The new friends found in college become so impactful to most college students lives because the people that are befriended are there when new experiences arise like new stress levels from workload. The discovery of new friends not only shows new bonds never experienced, it also presents somebody that can help in the future with financial issues or a contact of reference if needed for an opportunity to progress one’s life. In my opinion, I have already found friends in college that I know would be there for support if I ever had financial issues and at least give me a place to stay if necessary in the future. When I found new friends at FAU, I could tell that become more attached towards them woul... ... middle of paper ... ...the dorms. The experiences in college within the different setting improve people’s decision making so they do the right thing more instead of doing the wrong. College students also become less procrastinators when in college because the consequences of relying on the trait is more hurtful. This changes the mindset of students for the future to finish work diligently throughout life. In my opinion, college is a time where maturity peaks with obtaining new life lessons that change decisions and procrastination. These changes provide for the right mindset for success outside of the college level that people need. The college experience provides many new outlooks on life and oneself. When people go to college they find personal traits like new communications, a higher education, and important life lesions that prove to be constructive in the progression through life.
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