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In the outstanding book Mao’s Last Dancer, it tells a life story about a peasant boy named Li Cunxin who’s fate is laid out for him being a labourer in the fields just like his whole family but his determination helps him to escape his destiny. Li was chosen to go to the Beijing Dance Academy to study ballet. He moved away from his home and family to pursue ballet and make his family proud. Li got the chance to go over to America to discover the Western World of ballet. Through hard work, perseverance and dedication, Li was able to escape from his so-called destiny. When Li first started school, he had started the path of being a labourer and following Chairman Mao’s rules, but one day that all changed. When he was 11 the headmaster brought …show more content…

He knew that he was going to have to leave his home and village, Qingdao to go to Beijing and study ballet. Li knew that he was going to be leaving family and friends behind, but he knows that going to Beijing is a good thing for him, “My dear son, this is your chance to escape the cruel world”. By going there, Li knows he will make his family and him proud and be something more than just a labourer. “Go and do something special with your life! Become someone other than a peasant boy”. Therefore, by Li leaving home, he is becoming stronger and independent and ready to face the real …show more content…

After a while at being at the academy, Li got to know his teachers and they saw a lot of potential in Li’s ballet skills. They told him a lot of legends and stories that made Li want to practice and work hard at ballet and become better at it. “Sit down, I want to tell you a story”. Li trained hard, day and night, getting advice from teachers and students on how to improve, “I worked hard and listened to what they said”. Li pushed through injuries just so he could get better at ballet in hopes to get his name out there but most importantly making his family proud. “My rapid improvement surprised my teachers and classmates”. Therefore, by improving on his ballet it shows that Li has a lot of determination in getting better at ballet every day and he is getting more independent in this whole process of training and

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how mao's last dancer tells the story of a peasant boy named li cunxin who escapes his so-called destiny by studying ballet at the beijing dance academy.
  • Narrates how li started school as a labourer and followed chairman mao's rules until he was 11 and the headmaster brought in 4 representatives to pick talented students to go to beijing dance academy to study ballet.
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