College Athletes Should Get Paid

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rahim Martinez Throughout the last century, college athletics have turned into a high revenue generating. industry. There have been several issues that have faced the college athletics, one of those being whether or not college athletes should get paid. The issue has been but in the spotlight has been due to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). This association was put together in 1905 to set rules and regulations for college athletes, some of these regulations were made to protect players and not restrain players. This was the idea behind the rules for not paying athletes. This was not an issue until college sports became a large revenue generating industry and college students started to want a piece of it. …show more content…

The argument for not paying athletes is simple and easy to understand. If athletes are getting paid it is unfair for the students that are not athletes. They put up with different struggles that could be potentially harder for them as opposed to the student athletes. Another argument, which is the argument of the NCAA, is athletes in college still fall under the umbrella of “amateurism”. This is because they are in a “self bettering” league that students are participating in voluntary, therefore they should not be …show more content…

when it comes to football and basketball season especially, division one colleges and universities make a ridiculous amount of money. Again take into consideration that the coaches get paid. I think that money made from sponsors by an individual students should be given to the students but not right away which leads to my next point. If an athlete is in the lower divisions I think it is okay if they do not get paid, because the odds an athlete in the lower divisions making it to the professional leagues are significantly less therefore there should not really be any compensation for it. But the division one students should at least have enough money to eat, sleep, and live healthy. For the amount of money that these athletes bring in, they need to be compensated. Athletes should get paid according to the area they live in, due to the variance in prices. Five hundred dollars in Dallas, Texas will not hold the same value in Los Angeles, California, therefore the compensation rate should be variant of the area that the athlete is in and should be enough for the athletes to live peacefully and give them the ability to focus just on their talents. I consider it to be a win-win for the school and the athletes, because the athletes will perform better and the school will reap the benefits through these bettering

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