Cognitive Development Essay

Adolescence refers to the developmental transition period between adulthood and childhood which involves multiple intellectual, social development, personality and physical changes. Cognitive development includes developing an understanding of the world around a person which is usually a lifetime process that starts at birth. Cognitive development is commonly learned through sensory perceptions and mental processes. Therefore, cognitive development is a thought construction process that includes problem-solving, making the decision, and remembering which starts from childhood and adolescence up to adulthood. Cognitive development affects learning in some ways. First, it influences the way children understand concepts. Cognitive development…show more content…
Technology could be used to improve learning and teaching which help students to be successful. Educational technology facilitates learning and leads to the improvement in performance among the students through the creation, usage of, and management of relevant technological resources and processes. Technology in education utilizes both education theoretic and physical hardware. The incorporation of technology in education provides better models and simulations. When thinking about digital models and simulations, they could help teachers to expand on concepts which are either too small or too big to demonstrate well in a physical classroom (Buckingham, 2013). Through the incorporation of technology in learning, students have the ability to set up lessons for language which include native speakers who are from other countries and attend lessons via video conferencing. The process of learning from the native speakers, the learning via social interaction, and exposure of students to the perspectives of other student’s culture all are incredible educational benefits. Setting up the exchange of language is usually a natural process just like making a video conferencing call. Besides, incorporation of technology in learning promotes more efficient assessment. Technology reinforces learning by providing a reliable and a powerful tool which teachers use to assess how the students understand the concepts being taught. The digital tools may support innovation and success of the student in numerous ways in a communal and collaborative environment. Since E-books have a high potential for education innovation, Students may like the use E-book in learning. Despite the usage of paper textbooks, students may still opt to switch to the digital
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