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Millennials are almost always connected to each other because of their close relationship to modern technology. “Share a Coke” started back in the summer of 2011 in Australia as a way to get people up and drinking Coke as it was a way for them to gain sells in an already competitive market. ( It was originally made to be a mass appeal to get more sales but it also eventually had a widespread success with millennials. The “Share a Coke” campaign lacks in many ways in itself, it also shows that the labels can bring all walks of life together, and how it targets millennials and how they may view or analyze it. Millennials are normally focused on campaigns that indirectly or directly target their main focus groups. In this…show more content…
It is said that Coca-Cola Australia had originally called the campaign, “Project Connect” and it was also to get people to start talking about Coke again and having people consume the product. During the first summer that Share a Coke started, more than two hundred and fifty million bottles were sold due to the publicity that campaign was receiving in Australia alone. Statistics from that summer say that ninety six percent of social media posts were positive and that only the remaining four percent were negative. ( In the advertisement, it is clear that the names on the label can bring people together at unexpected costs. It gives people a sense of hope that not every communication is on a handheld device but that it is face to face also. As it shows in this advertisement, the Share a Coke campaign has brought friends, family and even strangers at the pool…show more content…
In the advertisement, the male teen tries to entice the female by trying to share a Coke with her yet every time he comes up to her, he brings up the wrong “Share a Coke” bottle. He eventually gives up and gets a Coke for himself, which says the name Alex on it. She walks up to him and says “Alex? That’s my name.” to which he responds with “Mine too!” They end up sharing a Coke together and bonding over the shared name. This is geared towards the younger generation because it uses teens in the ad and it shows how people can bond even without having a phone in front of them all the time. As a way for them to entice the millennial generation, Coke has since been putting on many different labels on their cans that could attract the younger crowd like the avengers, quotes from famous singers, and more pop culture icons. This advertisement was definitely effective in its goal because the ratings and consumption levels rose and more people were buying

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