Coach Coon Woods: The Greatest Coach I Have Ever Met

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The Greatest Coach I Have Ever Met Coach Bon Woods has had an extensive coaching career stretching back 55 years from Michigan to Tennessee to Texas. In that time, he has acquired 53 state championships. During the course of this interview he discussed his views on how athletics plays a part in all stages of life as well as how he feels about certain ethical issues such as drug use and testing. Coach Woods which begins by explaining how sports has shaped his outlook and how specific experiences played a role in his life. He describes an incident from 1971, early in his career, where his high school tennis team was on a trip. They were staying at a boarding school when he was informed that his students were drinking in their dorms. After he found his team truly was drinking, he discovered that it was the boarding school students who had started drinking but then left and told an adult about Coach Woods’ team drinking. It was of course a dirty trick the other team pulled, but Coach Woods saw another aspect saying that when we got back “I took my top seven kids and kicked him off the team. That was one of years we didn 't win anything”. Cooch Woods knew the boarding school students…show more content…
His girls basketball team was playing their first round at state when they drew the number one team in the state. By the end of the first quarter the score was 34 to 2. After that however, the opposing team stayed with-in the free-throw line at the orders of their coach. They played offense as usual but whenever Woods’ team had the ball they had to ‘stay in the paint’. The final score was 62 to 34; Woods’ team didn 't win, but the other team respected them and the sport enough to give him a shot. When Woods thanks the opposing coach for the sportsmanship, the coach mentioned that he 's been on the other side too. Woods call this "The greatest example of sportsmanship I have ever

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