Civil War Dbq Analysis

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The Civil War was an inevitable conflict that was induced due to variations among North and South societies, slavery, and politics. American society grew to be more complex, and with the increased amount of sectional discord, compromise did not have the ability to solve the problems that were causing the divide of the United States. Three components that made contributions to the inevitability of war included sectionalism, the Compromise of 1850, and secession. Combined, these sparked a heavy dissension economically and between social classes, resulting in war. Sectionalism was a driving force that led to the buildup of war. Conflict was created between states, which drew a fine line between Northern and Southern state ideals. Slavery was…show more content…
According to PBS, the federal tariff legislation of 1832 brought great conflict with South Carolina and the federal government. This resulted in slavery being intertwined with states rights. This created a major issue as to whether the newly created states joining the Union would be associated with slavery. "The Courtesy, American Antiquarian Society," (Doc.5) demonstrates a giant "freesoiler" that is tied to a democratic platform being held by democrats Buchanan and Cass. Other Democrats, Douglass and Pierce are pushing a black man down the giants throat. James Buchanan, Lewis Cass, Stephen Douglass, and Franklin Pierce are each democratic candidates for the presidential election of 1856. The platform consists of the words Kansas, Cuba, and Central America which provide reference to the Democratic goals of slavery extension. The overall image has the primary meaning of a reaction to violence directed at "freesoilers". This cartoon was targeted towards the people horrified by the violence due to the wake of the Kansas-Nebraska Act. The peoples reactions make the point that there is discord among the division that has been spurred and the need for a solution to the
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