The African American People's Fight for Equality

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The Civil Rights Movement is the story of the struggle of African-American people and their fight for equality. Although exceptional leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Ralph Abernathy fought long and hard and carried the burden of the movement on their shoulders, they were not alone. The struggle was fueled by the commitment and the hard work of thousands of everyday people who decided that the time had come to take a stand. The fight for equal educational opportunities for African-American students has left its indelible mark on the history of the state of Alabama. Alabama fought to maintain its binary public educational system. Through numerous memorable demonstrations and landmark cases African-Americans were finally able to achieve its worthwhile goal of equal education. Education played a very important part in civil rights history. Much time and effort has been spent on education for the black community. It was only right and fair that all people regardless of skin color be granted an equal opportunity to earn a decent education. Protests and other events that took place on the campuses of educational institutions all over the United States have made national headlines. The issue of equality in regards to educational has remained at the vanguard of the civil rights movement long after these events took place. By taking a glance at the changes in education between the 1950s and the 2000s, we will be able to see what effect the Civil Rights Movement has had on the educational system of Alabama. Segregation and racism were most widely applied in education. In the South, schools’ finances were a contributor in the problem of civil rights and equal education. The schools that received the lowes... ... middle of paper ... .... The burden rests upon the defendants to establish that such time is necessary in the public interest and is consistent with good faith compliance at the earliest practicable date. To that end, the courts may consider problems related to administration, arising from the physical condition of the school plant, the school transportation system, personnel, revision of school districts and attendance areas into compact units to achieve a system of determining admission to the public schools on a nonracial basis, and revision of local laws and regulations which may be necessary in solving the foregoing problems. They will also consider the adequacy of any plans the defendants may propose to meet these problems and to effectuate a transition to a racially nondiscriminatory school system. During this period of transition, the courts will retain jurisdiction of these cases

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  • Explains that the civil rights movement is the story of the struggle of african-american people and their fight for equality.
  • Opines that alabama's fight for equal educational opportunities for african-american students has left an indelible mark on its history.
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