Civil Disobedience In A Just Society

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When we ask ourselves if peaceful resistance to laws positively or negatively impacts a free society we are ultimately asking ourselves if we defend and support our Constitution. Civil disobedience has largely changed in the status quo from its true meaning and can have many different impacts on society, depending on the way we view the act. Whether or not it’s moral also depends on the manner the disobedience is carried out. Throughout history, we’ve seen many cases of civil disobedience take effect. We saw it in the 1919 Egyptian revolution, Gandhi’s idea and application of “Satyagraha”, or “Truth-force”, and even cases such as Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement. All of these examples have led to the betterment of some societal group or even an entire nation, showing that civil disobedience has great benefits to any form of society. Using the United States as a model, it’s clear that we are neither a perfectly free nor a perfectly just society, and …show more content…

That is the America I want to live in. I want to be free and I want to know that Liberty for all is more than just words. I want my country and countrymen to honor freedom and liberty above all else. It may be idealistic, but loving one’s country, being a patriot, often comes at a huge personal sacrifice. When this sacrifice-worthy time speaks and we do not heed the call of justice and liberty, we are devolving rather than evolving as a nation.

It’s clear that civil disobedience ultimately serves to improve society as shown through history. When government oversteps the bounds of their authority and government officials do not honor their oaths, patriots must ensure their voices are heard and they will not tolerate excessive violations of rights. I am proud to know there are men like Snowden among us and I only wish I saw more action against those setting out to enslave us through dishonest means and for personal

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