Christianity and Islam: More Alike than Different

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Christianity And Islam Introduction: The Belief in God as the creator and sustainer of the universe is central to the Christian,Jewish and Islamic religions. These religions are connected historically. This essay is going to focus on how Christianity and Islam are similar to and differ from each other. Christianity and Islam are very similar in that they both have rules,rituals and traditions,sacred texts,laws that influence how they all view God. Sacred texts and what they say about the nature of God is an important part of every religion.The Christian bible in is a book that has two parts the Old and New Testament is a text made up of two books, the Old Testament and the New Testament.It is believed that the bible was written around 1,500 years ago. From around 1400 B.C, the of Moses, about 100 A.D. Muslims also follow a religious text called the Quran. The Quran has 114 chapters or surahs. Muslims believe the Quran is a revelation from God. The Quran is a book that Muslims believe gives them guidance in all aspects of their lives. The Quran was a book revealed from God himself to the Prophet Muhammad.The similarities and differences are clearly seen.Both religions believe in a sacred text (The Bible and The Quran) from God. Christians and Muslims must learn to obey and practice the message contained in the books - The Bible or The Quran. The main difference between Christianity and Islamic is that, Christians believe the bible was a book written by the disciples when Jesus was preaching.Muslims also believe that the Quran is literally the word of God but received by Muhammed. Christianity and Islam have rituals and traditions that they need to perform throughout their lives. Christians believe that the there is only on... ... middle of paper ... ...e Bible clearly state there is no God but God. This is a statement that Muslims and Christians firmly agree about. Christians and Muslims are both monotheistic. But Muslims believe and argue that Christians are polytheistic, this is because Christians believe in the Trinity. Christianity and Islam faith both share common beliefs. These religions started a long time from a root of Abraham. They believe in prophecy, Gods Apostles,revelation,text,scriptures, the resurrection of death and the central of religious community. Christianity and Islam are the two largest religions on earth that have many differences and a lot in common. There is a lot of tension between these two religions ; and this is why there is a lot of constant fighting. It is unfortunate that two religions that have so much in common can not live together peacefully as God /Allah would expect.

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