Compare Christianity And Islam

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Essay 2 Christianity and Islam are most dominant religions worldwide. Statistics show that thirty-three percent of the population is Christian and twenty-one percent is Muslim. Thought they share many similarities in origin and mirrored images in their sacred texts, the two beliefs hold several key differences. Both Christianity and Islam mirror Judaism. From Judaism, Christianity and Islam took hold of the concepts of monotheism, prophecy, resurrection, and a belief in the existence of heaven and hell. Both religions also have a sacred text; Christians consider the Bible the inspired word of God, His words written and spoken through his followers. However Muslims hold the belief that the Koran is the literal spoken breath of God. Mohammed was merely transcribing the words of Allah, much as a court reporter does. With this knowledge they hold to be true Muslims hold the Koran and Islam at a higher level of truth and authenticity then the beliefs held by Christians and the Bible.…show more content…
Catholic salvation includes heavy involvement in the church with the process of baptism and penance. The Protestant belief believes that the way to salvation only requires the sole belief in the resurrection and sacrifice of Christ Jesus. The Islam belief holds the complete opposite view in that salvation is achieved by the works you do as a human, something very opposite of the Christian viewpoint. Christianity is focused on forgiveness and mercy, paired with apocalyptic visions, Hell, and the wrath of God. But Islam is centered on justice and the destruction of unbelievers. Allah is merciful -- but not to those who don’t share his practice. The early history of Christianity is one of persecution and martyrdom; Jesus himself submitting to crucifixion. In contrast, Islam was not born in submission, but in warfare against the enemies of
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