Christian Faith Reflection

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another, but our flesh pulls us in a sinful direction. Our purpose on earth is to try to love as He loved.

As CCC 309 of the Catechism tells us and which was noted in the prior chapter, our Christian faith gives us some answers to the question of why God permits evil to exist. It is through the reliance on our faith that we must trust God's divine wisdom and love; that the existence and his permission of evil leads to a greater good, than would otherwise have been possible. Will we have all the answers to that during our time on earth? No. But we do have our Christian faith, which permits us to believe and accept that evil and sin will result in a greater good.

It is a fundamental requirement of our Christian faith that we make efforts to constantly increase the knowledge of …show more content…

Through prayer we converse with our Lord and through prayer we can express our love of Him and intercede for our neighbor.

If we are to love as He loved we must understand through what He taught us as to how He loved. So first we must endeavor to know him better. When we know Him better we will want to love Him and others more and in loving Him and others more we will want to spend more time serving Him and others more. It is in that process that we will strengthen our faith and grow in spiritual wisdom. We will want to increase our love of God and neighbor and decrease our love of self. We will discover the beauty of humility and our greatest desire will be to cling to the things of God.

But we can't just want to do that. We need to make love of Him and love of our neighbor our highest priority in life. We must choose his ways instead of the ways of the world every hour and every minute of the day. We must make it a high priority to dedicate all our prayers, works, sufferings, offerings and joys, of each moment of the day to Him and in doing that we will want to treat our neighbors as we want them to treat

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