China's Source of Power

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I disagree about that becomes the source of power in the world. I survey reasons for 3 parts and they are based on group 2's ppt. First part is economy. China is the richest country in the world and China's economy has been developed rapidly. But nowadays the economy does not continue to develop. here's some reasons. Of course, there are positive effects on global society. China has become a high –ranked economic country through 20 years’ fast development, and has affluent labors. But still, its GDP per person is low so it is likely to be developed and continues to grow. So China is the main power of global economy. But recently, professionals, as well as the global economy investors are also finally starting to know the fact. Which is China's high-growth era of gorgeous now it is a thing of the past. Thus, precarious situation of the Chinese economy in the world is still having a significant impact. Which accounts for the largest portion. First, it’s the instability of the job market. 1.3 billion market as well as a cheap and abundant labor has provided emergence of the Chinese economy. Because of this, many national companies leave their countries by moving factories to China, so Japan, South Korea and Taiwan as well as damage to the U.S. labor market. Second, due to the huge trade deficit with China, the United States recorded a weak dollar and a global phenomenon is taken placed. China exports huge low cost as weapons so that the U.S. has a huge trade deficit and now United States, as well as problems in the world economy has become. Thus, there are two sides of China's economy. Second part is about culture. China is a communist country until and they take an unfriendly attitude to 'not chinese'. Chinese's consciousness is li... ... middle of paper ... ... In these countries cases, they are still in territorial disputes and China is still at the center of the controversy. Second, Let’s take conflicts with minority group. China is comprised around a Han Chinese. But there are also minority groups. There are lots of minority groups including Tibetan and Uruguay. China’s action toward minority group is suppression and repression. They give oppression of human rights without hesitation and also they want to completely control minority group’s culture. Until now, China still goes through colonial ruling inside their country. I think China is far from being powerful nation. Being accepted as powerful country from many countries requires more than just economic success. They need international leadership. However, when I looked China’s behavior until now, China has to understand right concept of international leadership.
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