China's One Child Policy

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Views on family planning in China range from good to bad. Many people have an assumption of what the law is, but never took the time to explore the topic and fully comprehend the importance and the actual meaning of it. Of course, we can all say what a harsh law it is or what a good law it is, but do we truly understand why China did it? Why it has affected many so many people there? It is every human’s right to make the decision to have children, as it is their responsibilities. Did China not believe this? Or did China not respect the God given rights as a human being? In the dictionary it defines rights as, something (as a power or privilege) to which one has a just or lawful claim, and the dictionary also define responsibilities as, the quality or state of being responsible. With those two definitions its clear citizens of China should be able to make the decision to have more than one child and that it’s unfair, although the harsh and cruel law declares otherwise. Originally in 1979 when the one child policy was introduced it was to control the growing population and reduce the strain on scarce resources. In some eyes it was a great valuable decision while to many others it left them shattered. China was wrong to take away the right to have as many children as a family wished. It was a decision made fully by the people of Chinas government and the citizens of China had no say so they had to comply or they’d face penalties. Since when did human beings have to pay money or have a different consequence for producing an innocent human being? The whole law just wasn’t just, it’s a gift the majority of people have, and it’s not something you should be able to tell someone they can’t use. I believe the sexual health and... ... middle of paper ... ...s and responsibilities, no matter if they’re rich or poor. This topic is very interesting but it is also very heart breaking to know what some of these families have experienced and what some of these innocent women and children have had to go through. Most American’s don’t realize how good things are here, and I think many of us take for granted what our country has provided us with. Despite the heart breaking information and the horrific stories I read this subject definitely has a lot of history and reasoning to the decision China’s government made. It’s been not only my pleasure reading about this subject and coming to know the truth about China’s policy; it’s also been a more than wonderful learning experience. I am very glad I have chosen this topic and have been able to express my thoughts on the rights and responsibilities on the China’s one-child policy.
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